Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Hey dollies, in this post I'll be reviewing the travel/gift size Simple skincare range mini's. I received this 3 pc kit in a hamper for my birthday in october! They all come in full size bottles. The FULL size products retail at about 8 or 9 euro each. The whole SIMPLE range is under 13 euros. All these products are sensitive skin friendly and contain no perfumes or colours and are full of vitamins and minerals that love your skin! They came in a little plastic zippy bag.
            1)a Refreshing facial wash gel,
            2) a Hydrating light moisturiser,
            3) and a Soothing facial toner.

Ill start with the Facial wash gel.. Its light and fresh with a ''clean'' scent. Its just a gel you lather into your face and really gets in there and leaves you feeling squeaky clean! It contains pro vitamin b5, which claims to soften and smooth your face. And it really does what it says on the tin. Nice clean fresh facial wash! Suitable for even the most sensitive skins!

The Light moisturiser is PERFECT for me! As i have combination skin I dont want anything to greasy or thick as it will clog my pores and add more oil to my face which i really dont want! This moisturiser is light and almost watery which is ideal for my skin because it just glides on and sinks in and doesnt take the piss. Smells lovely and clean and feels great and cooling! This is also suitable for hypersensitive skins!

Last but definitely not least the Soothing Facial Toner. This is such an amazing toner. Again a GREAT fresh scent. Really cleans the residue of cleanser and leftover makeup off and you can almost hear you skin squeak hehe.

These are just 3 amazing products, as are all the SIMPLE range. They are simple, good skin food and do exactly what they say! They are so inexpensive and accessible i think EVERYONE could afford and love this range!!

for now dollies !! xxx

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