Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Hey you guys!! This is my first EVER blog so I really don't know what to write... Maybe I should just introduce myself to you all first? :)
My name is Amie Harding, I live in a little town in Ireland. I study beauty & holistic therapies in college & I LOVE everything beauty related.. I love being girly! My job is basically be a girl! <3
I have fiery red hair and blue eyes, with lots of freckles loll!
I review, i do tutorials, i do swatches, i do giveaways!

These are just some of the looks I have created in the past week or two! I would love you guys to ask me questions and get involved in my blog :) I will try to post up a new pic each day! Using EASY & AFFORDABLE makeup!!! For now darlings, xxx 

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