Saturday, 17 December 2011


Hey dolly's, today I'm going to be reviewing the 'BROW KIT' by GOSH COSMETICS.

I've had this for over a year now and it's all used up so I can give you an in depth & honest review. I won this in a giveaway from an Irish magazine but I had been wanting for a long long time as I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to my eyebrows & i heard ALOT of good reviews about this product on blogs, youtube etc. I was sent the lightest colour in everything as i am very pale. This kit is in the shade ''001''. But they never asked me to review or talk about any of their products. I have repurchased this with my own money!

It comes in a black circle shaped compact which i think is great because the package is very sturdy & it has a pretty big mirror for touchups! It contains 10g of product altogether, with 3 powders & 1 wax. It also has a little double ended applicator which is O.K. quality but i just threw mine away as I always use my FUSCHIA brushes.

It has a very light brown, a medium brown, a very dark brown and a clear wax. I found this product amazingly creamy and long lasting!! It retails at around 8 euros which is about $12. It lasted me a whole year and would probably last you all a lot longer as i do my eyebrows everyday, twice a day and i do them pretty dark. Funnily enough, it has a very pleasant smell and stays on all day!! But make sure you prime your eyebrows.. (I use UD primer potion on my brows before i fill them in). This helps to keep them on all day.

This is totally worth the buy as its small enough to carry around in your hand bag and contains the wax which most kits dont have.


Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Hey dollies, in this post I'll be reviewing the travel/gift size Simple skincare range mini's. I received this 3 pc kit in a hamper for my birthday in october! They all come in full size bottles. The FULL size products retail at about 8 or 9 euro each. The whole SIMPLE range is under 13 euros. All these products are sensitive skin friendly and contain no perfumes or colours and are full of vitamins and minerals that love your skin! They came in a little plastic zippy bag.
            1)a Refreshing facial wash gel,
            2) a Hydrating light moisturiser,
            3) and a Soothing facial toner.

Ill start with the Facial wash gel.. Its light and fresh with a ''clean'' scent. Its just a gel you lather into your face and really gets in there and leaves you feeling squeaky clean! It contains pro vitamin b5, which claims to soften and smooth your face. And it really does what it says on the tin. Nice clean fresh facial wash! Suitable for even the most sensitive skins!

The Light moisturiser is PERFECT for me! As i have combination skin I dont want anything to greasy or thick as it will clog my pores and add more oil to my face which i really dont want! This moisturiser is light and almost watery which is ideal for my skin because it just glides on and sinks in and doesnt take the piss. Smells lovely and clean and feels great and cooling! This is also suitable for hypersensitive skins!

Last but definitely not least the Soothing Facial Toner. This is such an amazing toner. Again a GREAT fresh scent. Really cleans the residue of cleanser and leftover makeup off and you can almost hear you skin squeak hehe.

These are just 3 amazing products, as are all the SIMPLE range. They are simple, good skin food and do exactly what they say! They are so inexpensive and accessible i think EVERYONE could afford and love this range!!

for now dollies !! xxx


Hey guys, today I'm gonna be reviewing 4 products I recently bought from Lush Cosmetics. I was not sent these products! I bought them with my own money! I live in Ireland and my closest Lush store is about 2 hours from where i live at the minute, so I dont get to travel up there very often!! These were the first products I ever purchased from Lush Cosmetics but after hearing so many raves on youtube about the brand, I had to try them!!

I bought 4 items. 1) The H'suan Wen Hua hair moisturiser.
                          2) The Bubblegum sugar lip scrub.
                          3) The Cupcake fresh face mask.
                          4) The santa bathbomb.

I'll start off with the H'suan Wen Hua hair moisturiser. This was around 10euros which I didnt mind because I had heard such good reviews of this all over the internet. The tub contains 225g of product, which i also didnt care about at the time because i thought it would last me months. I thought that I'd just use a little bit each week, but i realised when i opened it that the consistency of it would mean i would go through it much quicker! It has a horrible smell, and the smell stays on your for ages! But please believe me when I say.. The smell will mean nothing once you feel and see the difference it makes to your hair!! EVEN AFTER ONE USE!! I used alot of this on my hair on the first go! I really couldnt stick the smell and I was so angry because of how much product I had to use.. But when I washed it out and shampoo'd and conditioned as normal I really felt the difference, even when it was wet!
I towel dried and applied some John Freida Frizz Ease Serum (which I always do, because i have very voluptuous red hair) and dried and brushed as normal!! OMG!! The result was unreal.. I couldnt believe how amazing and soft my hair was! It was so shiny and healthy looking, it was bouncy and felt soft as silk!! I quickly forgot about the smell and wouldnt care about it if I repurchased this (and i will be repurchasing!!) because of the amazing result i got!! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS , cant rave about it enough! I got 2 uses from this tub, but i have very thick hair and probably used too much the first time.. But definitely worth a go girlies!!

The next thing I got was really just an impulse buy.. The bubblegum sugar lip scrub! Gorgeous neon pink colour, in a little cute glass jar.. She was sitting beside the till and I couldnt resist! But I suppose my lips always get shabby during the winter so I cant wait til my lips get really bad and i can kick winters but with this amazing little invention! Smells DELISH!! Its so pretty and you can eat it!! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?? Tastes like bubblegum obviously! hehe, but does exactly what it says on the tin, scrubs away dead skin on your lips and makes them SO SOFT!! I usually use this before i apply lipstick or lipgloss, but i use it nearly every morning aswell as I have a tendency of chewing my lips and having chapped lips! This was around 8euro, but it will last AGES! as you only need a teeny tiny bit to do your lips.. Its such a great little handy buy! They had other flavours and colours but this one was really pink and pretty and i couldnt resist :D

The third thing I got was the Cupcake fresh face mask.. This was around 10euros aswel, and the pot contains 75g of product!! This was such a disappointment to me.. I have normal/combination skin but i really wanted to try this!! It says its for oily teenage skin & I admit the first time i used it I had a huge spot that wouldnt come to a head & when I used this it brought it to a head in 15 mins! Its good if you have oily/spotty skin! Its not that its a terrible product, i think i just bought the wrong mask for my skin! So any of you dollies who have oily/spotty/or combination/oily skin you should definitely try this!! Smells fab, ideal for chocolate lovers and dries out spots really quickly!! Ive used this 4 times so far and still have 80% left. Because it doesnt really do anything to my skin at all unless I have a spot or a breakout, I'm just going to add this to my college kit and use it on customers in college!

The last thing I bought was the Santa bath bomb! I bought this for around 3 or 4 euros for my mam as a little thank you for giving me all my money for my shopping spree (my christmas present was money for clothes) and she LOVED it!! She takes bath's every night as they relax her and help her illness. She used it and said it smelled amazing! Felt great on her skin and her bath smelled and looked a picture!! She said it left a really silky layer on her skin and she wants me to get her another one on saturday when i go up to Dublin again. :D For 3 or 4 euro you cant go wrong really.. The bath bomb was HUGE!

So thats all guys, for now darlings. xx

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Hey you guys!! This is my first EVER blog so I really don't know what to write... Maybe I should just introduce myself to you all first? :)
My name is Amie Harding, I live in a little town in Ireland. I study beauty & holistic therapies in college & I LOVE everything beauty related.. I love being girly! My job is basically be a girl! <3
I have fiery red hair and blue eyes, with lots of freckles loll!
I review, i do tutorials, i do swatches, i do giveaways!

These are just some of the looks I have created in the past week or two! I would love you guys to ask me questions and get involved in my blog :) I will try to post up a new pic each day! Using EASY & AFFORDABLE makeup!!! For now darlings, xxx